RMS Innovation

Saving time and money, while improving safety and performance.

Eyes In The Sky

UAV (Drones)

Our licensed pilots capture thermal images and scan for heavy snow loads in winter. This also helps to keep our techs off the roofs for added safety.


Tramex moisture inspection tools for roofing provide the fastest, simplest, most economical & safest methods of locating moisture damage in flat roofs.

AI + R&D

By marrying state of the art electrical capacitance metering and a pinhole detection system with a fully autonomous drone, we look to reduce the occurrence of future leaks on single ply roofs in the most cost effective way in the industry.

Hydrophobic Coating

We’re currently working on an environmentally friendly, single coat hydrophobic and reflective roof coating that can be easily applied to any roof surface with minimal preparation.

Aerial advantage

By using aerial technology with our industrial drones, our licensed pilots can scan the roof to capture both thermal and visual-light images, and measure the depth of snow loads in heavy winter months. Our drones use the same FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) technology used in civilian and military aircraft, and when used in combination with our state-of-the-art electrical capacitance metering and a pinhole detection system, can help pinpoint problems to your single-ply roofing asset before they snowball into a larger issue.
Our Tramex moisture inspection tools, including the Tramex Dec Scanner, provides instant surveying of moisture conditions in flat roofing and waterproofing systems, giving instant answers on your asset’s integrity without any damage to the surface.
The research and design work done by RMS and our partners will take the industry into the next century.

Powerful Benefits

Moisture Mapping

Pinpoint area of concern to monitor and repair moisture problem areas on your roof.

Snow Depth Monitoring

We’re developing an early detection system that has “laser” accuracy to avoid dangerous accumulations of snow and ice on our client’s roofs without the need to set foot on them.

Hydrophobic Coatings

Single coat hydrophobic and reflective roof coating can be easily applied to any roof surface.

SkyVac Drone Scan

Combined with our UAV tech, we can inspect your roofs and vacuum your eavestrough safely and quickly from the ground.

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