The Horror of Birds On A Roof

When Alfred Hitchcock released his horror classic “The Birds” in 1963 he depicted violent bird attacks that made audiences scream in horror. But take away the drama, cutting edge cinematography and eerie sound track and you are still left with some pretty frightening issues…albeit roof related that is! Bird excrement in large enough quantities can


The Accidental Green Roof

Green roof systems help reduce the “Urban Heat Island Effect”, have storm water retention capabilities, and can extend the service life of the underlying roof membrane by protecting it from some environmental conditions (UV rays, etc…). But what if your roof wasn’t intended to be green? What happens when a roof has unwanted plant growth?


To Maintain Is To Sustain

My older brother was the coolest teenager on our block. He owned a 1973 Dodge Charger, the exact car in this photo. It was an absolute beauty.  120,000 Chargers were sold of that vintage…so why are there so little on the road today? Neglect and lack of maintenance are the two major culprits. The car